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Texas Tollways supports TxDOT's efforts to:

  • Maintain a safe system
  • Address congestion
  • Connect Texas communities
  • Become a best-in-class state agency

About Toll Roads

The Texas highway system has not kept pace with the needs of a rapidly increasing population. Over the past 25 years in Texas, our population has increased 57 percent and use of our roads has almost doubled. However, state road capacity increased only 8 percent during this time.

Expanding our road system to ease the crowding faces a major speed bump. It's called funding. Highways in Texas have traditionally been funded with gas taxes. But state and federal gas taxes no longer generate enough money to keep up with the cost of building new roads and upgrading and maintaining current ones. In fact, the majority of the 38 cents per gallon in taxes that motorists now pay at the pump is used to cover upkeep of our 79,000 miles of state highways. Even a significant hike in the gas tax would not provide enough money to build the new roads we need to solve our worsening traffic problems.

Tolling provides a way to build roads and relieve traffic congestion faster because funds are borrowed upfront – instead of waiting for gas tax dollars. Toll roads and express toll lanes can be built in one-fifth the time it takes for road construction funded with gas taxes.

More Choices

The Texas Tollways network is giving drivers new timesaving options for bypassing congestion. Less time sitting in traffic means a faster ride home, to work or wherever your travels take you. Plus, spending less time idling on congested roadways reduces vehicle emissions and improves the quality of the air we breathe.

Tolls also have the advantage of charging only those drivers who use the road. Drivers who prefer not to pay a toll will always have a non-tolled alternative. Texans can decide which road suits their needs best.